Crew Members

Ron Richardson Age:42
Duties: Driver & Owner

Derek Schoffen Age:45
Occupation:Electrical Forman
Duties: Crew Chief
Ward Goodell Age:38
Occupation:Construction Contractor
Duties: Clutch
Lee Crosslin Age:45
Occupation:Auto Shop Owner
Duties:Top end
Justin Crosslin Age:20
Occupation:Top Fuel Crew member
Duties:Top end for Clay Millican Racing
Richard Rounds Age:49
Occupation:Aluminum Industries
Duties:Top end
Andy Rounds Age:20
Occupation:Automotive Service writer
Duties:Chutes, tires, fuel & towing
And a small list of friends who help:

  • Chad Bostwick
  • Mark Aguiar
  • Brady Bostwick
  • Brad Brender


Also thanks to the wives and girlfriends for putting up with the racing.
Jessica, Julie, Cleann, Judy, Janice and Barb.

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