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The first 3 video clips are the first I have of the car. It was a night race at Spokane for the 1999 Funny Car Foxhunt. My opponent was Darrell Van Dyke in the Rattler Funny car. If you listen during the 3rd clip, "The Run" you can hear Darrell pedaling the car as and oil line came off and sprayed down his tires. Happily nothing really got hurt on the Rattler and they were out running the next round.

The Burn out
Backing up
The Run

Doing the Burn out was for a commercial for WenatcheeCars.com. filmed up at Pangborn Airport. Thanks to the Airport staff for all there help and allowing us the access to the runway.

Doing the Burn out

Its a larg clip of some racing in Yakima. Not any setting the world on fire but its fun to watch.

A little Yakima action with Lady Elaine and Me

One of the few times the team got out in 2000 was working on a Top Fuel Dragster owned by Rayco Motorsports. The first outing was the world finals in Spokane WA. "240" Gordy Bonin was at the wheel. This was the first test run. Had some problems with the heads and shut if off early. Gordy saved the motor and even though we didn't win, we had a damn good time.

The fuel car testing

Another outting for the team was the Foxhunt in Spokane again. We where suppose to run the Rapid Transit car at the event but the night before the race discovered a crack in the block. I called a buddy, Mark aguiar over in Spokane who had built a funny car buy wasn't licensed yet and said lets go racing. This was a burn out from that evening. I was driving

Foxhunt burn out (2000)

From the same evening of the Foxhunt 2000 at Spokane Wa. is the first run. I had never driven this car before so i wasn't sure how it would handle or hookup. The car handled great just didn't hook up worth anything. Not really the cars fault since it was cold and the track wasn't prepared for 6 sec passes. I only had to pedel it once off the line and then straight down the middle of Broadway.

The Foxhunt run

This was a race between two Canadian cars. If you watch just at the last second you can see Leon Aimes car cross the center line just past the tree in to Johns Evanchucks (Redwolf). Since John was long since gone nothing luckily happened.

Redwolf VS Leon

Here's one of Froggy III and Forest LeBlanc doing side by side burnouts at the 2001 Foxhunt in Spokane Wa. Plenty of smoke and noise.

Froggy/Forest Burnout

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